Academy 02 2024

Collection and Preparation of Adipose Tissue for Regenerative and Reconstructive Purposes

Our Academy of February 2024

Collection and Preparation of Adipose Tissue for Regeneratice & Reconstruction Purposes

Took place at

Genolier Clinic, R.te des Muids, Genolier

Wednesday, February 28th, 2024




Genolier Clinic,

R.te des Muids,

CH – 1272 Genolier


February 28th, 2024 – From 08:30 AM till 12:30 PM

Aim of the Course:

  • To train participants in obtaining small amounts of adipose tissue for intra-operative immediate use and biobanking.
  • To enable participants to prepare dissociated adipose tissue, ready for use for various reconstructive and regenerative treatments across multiple medical fields.




  1. Theorical introduction to Current Uses of Autologous Lipoaspirate (30 minutes)
    • Led by Dr. Sophie Menkes and Dr. Gianni Soldati
    • Comprehensive understanding of the applications of autologous lipoaspirate in regenerative medicine across various fields, with focus but not limited to orthopedics.
    • Clinical applications, advancements, benefits, and ethical/regulatory considerations.

2. Adipose Tissue Collection in the Operating Room (1 hour)

    • Led by Dr. Sophie Menkes, specializing in regenerative medicine.
    • Hands-on practice: Manual collection of 100 ml of adipose tissue by syringe aspiration.
    • Each participant will participate in the OR at tissue collection on a model under Dr. Menkes supervision.

3. Adipose Tissue Preparation for Direct Injection (1 hour)

    • Practical session: Each participant will prepare adipose tissue using the Lipocube device, guided by a dedicated Lipocube operator, testing the processing technique with the previously extracted fat tissue.
    • Process: Splitting 100 mL of adipose tissue into 5-6 syringes (20 mL each) for mechanical dissociation.
    • Goal: Participants should be able to prepare dissociated adipose tissue for treatment during the original procedure.

4. Open Questions and Cryopreservation Opportunities (1 hour)

    • Personal session to address any practical queries with the experts of the clinic, the mechanical technology and the laboratory.
    • Discussion on the validations, benefits and techniques of cryopreserving adipose tissue for future regenerative use.

Participation cost:

Chf 600.- cost of the course

./. Chf 150.- granted by SMN

Chf 450.- = Total cost for the participant


Contact & info

Swiss Stem Cell Foundation
Via G. Petrini 2

CH – 6900 Lugano


+41 91 690 55 70


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