The vision of the Günter Leifheit Stem Cell Institute
Stem cells are the new frontier in regenerative medicine and human stem cell therapies will be the therapy of choice in the next years for many untreatable diseases for which no options are available today.

The idea of developing human cell therapies was initially pursued in 2004 when we started a company for banking umbilical cord blood cells. The development of research projects inside this company led finally to the creation of the Swiss Stem Cell Foundation (SSCF) which successively acquired the research projects for stem cell research and decided to finance a new research institute near the Clinic Hospital in Lugano.

The clear vision of the Institute was and is today to develop advanced stem cell therapies for human diseases, through clinical trials, collaboration with hospitals and clinics, biobanking facilities and clean rooms. The development objective is to create a virtuous circle where applied research can generate products and therapies useful for patients.


The vision of SSCF is represented in the Figure.