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The (SSCF) Swiss Stem Cell Foundation is an independent, non-profit foundation whose goal is to pursue research and development in the domain of stem cells, create new cell therapies for human medical use based on stem cells, as well as to provide training, advice and disseminate knowledge in this field among professional operators and the public at large.

The Foundation’s activities, carried out both at a national and international level, include in particular: research and development of technologies in the pre-clinical phase, consultancy through qualified professionals on new products, the study and development of new tools, medical devices, therapies and, in general, applied research projects, the supply of services in the analysis and research domains, the education of researchers and health operators in general, the promotion and organization of courses, conferences and other events, the dissemination among the public of relevant knowledge by any means that may prove useful to this purpose.

The Foundation, moreover, pursues the objective of conducting educational-training programs in the domain of stem cells.

The Günter Leifheit Stem Cell Institute will be finished soon with rentable spaces available.


Stem Cells

Stem Cells – or SCs – are unspecialised cells that can divide to give origin, at the same time, either to other stem cells (equal to the mother cell), or to the precursors of a cell progeny that will eventually give rise to terminally differentiated cells (mature cells).



The Swiss Stem Cell Foundation is convinced that only by maintaining high educational and research standards will it succeed in becoming a reliable and constructive partner in the life sciences arena and, in particular, for applied research projects on stem cells.



The Swiss Stem Cell Foundation co-operates with research groups all over the world involved in scientific research projects applied to stem cell therapies.
Here below is a shortlist of the main ongoing collaborative projects: