Institute for Regenerative Medicine

The Institute of Regenerative Medicine, designed by arch. Enrico Sassi, is an applied research institute with a main focus on stem cell therapies. It will fit within the city of Lugano main hospital area with the precise function of developing applied research and training in the stem cell field.

Three thousand three hundred square metres of applied research laboratory with the objective of making this institute one of the pillars of a global vision in biomedicine, where researchers, doctors but also engineers will be able to develop projects in the stem cell field.

The institute is structured on four levels, an underground level for technical spaces, storage areas and archives, a semi-underground level with the entrance to the institute, and two exposed levels for laboratories and administrative spaces. The available spaces will be of different types, ranging from clean rooms for processing GMP-class biological material, to laboratories for genetics, to others for diagnostics or applied research.

There will also be biobank spaces for the cryopreservation of stem cells and other tissues for long periods, up to thirty years, and research laboratory spaces for some fifty researchers.

The Institute will also have conference rooms for the organisation of events, available to external users.

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