Institute for Regenerative Medicine

The Institute is dedicated to applied research whose main focus is on stem cell based therapies.

It is hosted in the hospital district of the City of Lugano, with the specific function of applied research, development and education in the domain of stem cells– 3,300 square meters of applied research laboratories, specifically intended to turn this institute into one of the constituents of an all-encompassing biomedical structure where researchers, physicians and engineers will be able to develop stem cell projects.

The Institute includes four levels, one underground for technical spaces, warehouses and archives, a slightly raised mezzanine level where the Institute entrance will be located, and two above-the ground floors for laboratories and administrative offices.

The available spaces will be devoted to diversified activities – from clean rooms for the processing of biological material in compliance with GMP standards to genetics laboratories and others for diagnostics or applied research. Furthermore, there will be specific areas devoted to long-term cryopreservation of stem cells – twenty years or more – as well as research laboratories with room for approximately fifty researchers.

The Institute is near the Ospedale Civico (City Hospital) of Lugano.
The Institute was designed by Arch. Enrico Sassi.

The Institute, will host the headquarter of the Swiss Stem Cell Foundation and of Swiss Stem Cell Biotech, two companies part of the Regenerative Institute project and other cell therapy related companies.

The Institute will have spaces available  to rent as offices, laboratories , deposits and stem cell banking.

The Institute will also have conference rooms of various dimensions available for internal meetings and organization of events.

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