Research area

  • Adipobanking: Storing aipose-derived stem cell (Adipobanking_-ENG web)
  • MSCs expansion. Expand mesenchymal stem cells for clinical use
  • 3D tenocytes. Differentiation of multipotent stromal cells from adipose tissue into tendons
  • Stagra: Development of a device for automatic stromal vascular fraction extraction from adipose tissue (STAGRA-ENG web)
  • Tendon regeneration: STEM-T. Clinical trial for the regeneration of supra-spinatus tendon.
  • Characterization of SVF populations. Fine characterization of sub-populations present in the Stromal vascular fraction.
  • Serum free. A “Serum Free” medium for MSCs expansion and culture (SerumFree-ENG web)
  • Stem cell loading with anti-tumor agents. Use of MSCs as vehicle for transporting anti-tumor agents to the site of the tumor in vivo.
  • Development of a GMP product for the treatment of critical limb ischemia