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Articles in scientific journals reviewed by Medline


  1. Cristina Pirrone, Alessandra Gobbetti, Christian Caprara, Giovanni Bernardini, Rosalba Gornati, and Gianni Soldati (2017). Ultramicroscope evaluation of chondrogenic differentiation of hASCs expanded in a hollow-fiber bioreactor. Stem Cell Res. and Med. Vol 2(2): 1-10.

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  6. Sara Nava, Valeria Sordi, Luisa Pascucci, Carlo Tremolada, Emilio Ciusani, Offer Zeira, Moris Cadei, Gianni Soldati, Augusto Pessina, Eugenio Parati, Mark Slevin (2019). Long lasting anti-inflammatory activity of human micro-fragmented adipose tissue. Stem Cell International Feb 19;2019:5901479. doi: 10.1155/2019/5901479. eCollection 2019.

  7. Sophie Menkes, Luca Mariotta, Gianni Soldati and Luigi Polla (2020).Subcutaneous Injections of Nanofat Adipose-derived Stem Cell Grafting in Facial Rejuvenation. Plast. Reconstr. Surg. Glob. Open 2020;8:e2550; doi: 10.1097/GOX.0000000000002550; Published online 21January 2020.

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  9. Pauline François, Giulio Rusconi, Laurent Arnaud, Luca Mariotta, Laurent Giraudo, Greta Minonzio, Julie Veran, Baptiste Bertrand, Chloé Dumoulin, Fanny Grimaud, Luc Lyonnet, Dominique Casanova, Camille Giverne, Audrey Cras, Guy Magalon, Françoise Dignat-George, Florence Sabatier, Jeremy Magalon and Gianni Soldati (2021). Inter-center comparison of good-manufacturing-practices compliant stromal vascular fraction and proposal for release acceptance criteria: a review of 364 productions. Stem Cell Research and Therapy 12:372; 1-11.

  10. Giulio Rusconi, Giuseppe Cusumano, Luca Mariotta, Reto Canevascini, Mauro Gola, Rosalba Gornati and Gianni Soldati (2022). Upgrading monocytes therapy for critical limb ischemia patient treatment: pre-clinical and GMP-validation aspects. J. Mol. Sci. 23(20): 12669.
  11. Martina Cremona, Giulio Rusconi, Alessandro Ferrario, Luca Mariotta, Mauro Gola and Gianni Soldati (2023). Processing Adipose Tissue Samples in a GMP Environment Standardizes the Use of SVF in Cell Therapy Treatments: Data on 302 Patients. Biomedicines 11, 2533.

  12. Giulio Rusconi, Martina Cremona, Luca Mariotta, Mauro Gola, Eugenio Gandolfi, Matteo Malacco and Gianni Soldati (2023). GMP-compliant cryopreserved and thawed native adipose tissue ready for fat grafting. Submitted to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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