Project Leaders

Giulio Rusconi

Giulio Rusconi was born in 1992.

He started studying biology in 2011 and obtained a master of Science in Medical Biology at the University of Lausanne in 2016.

In 2018 he started a PhD in Biotechnologies and Life Sciences at the University of Insubria, Varese.

His PhD thesis was on “Development of new products for autologous cell therapy”.

In 2022 he became post-Doctoral researcher at the Swiss Stem Cell Foundation.

Gianni Soldati

Gianni Soldati was born in 1958.

He studied in Lugano where he obtained his teaching Diploma. In 1981 he started his Biology studies in Geneva, where he graduated in 1985 as Biologist at the University Medical Center (CMU).
He continued his studies in Locarno and in 1991 he obtained his PhD in pharmacology at the University of Basel.

In 1991 he makes a post-Doctorate at the “Friedrich Miescher Institut” and the “Zentrum für Lehre und Forschung” in Basel and works for 6 months in London at the “Institute of Child Health”.
After this, he returns to Locarno where he works with Prof. F. Cavalli at the “Servizio Oncologico Cantonale” for 5 years for the Molecular diagnosis of tumours.

In 1996 he founded Laboratorio di Diagnostica Molecolare which is still active as of today. In August 2004 LDM moves to Cardiocentro Ticino in Lugano, where for the first time in Switzerland they transplanted stem cells into patients with acute myocardium. In 2005 he founded Swiss Stem Cell Bank in Lugano, by Cardiocentro Ticino.

In 2009 he becomes President of the Swiss Stem Cell Foundation, a Foundation dedicated to applied research for therapies with human cells.

Curriculum Vitae

Giulio Rusconi

Curriculum Vitae

Gianni Soldati

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