The vision of the Günter Leifheit Stem Cell Institute

When the first stem cell transplant  has been performed in a patient we started to think of stem cells as the new frontier in regenerative medicine and we developed a vision based on human stem cell therapies.

The idea of developing human cell therapies was initially pursued as a joint project with the Cardiocentro Ticino till 2011 when the Swiss Stem Cell Foundation (SSCF) acquired the research projects for  stem cell research and decided to finance a new research institute near the Clinic Hospital in Lugano. The city of Lugano agreed to grant SSCF a surface right for a period of 60 years.

Since then, many projects and variants have been studied and designed, and when in February 2010  we came into contact with the G. und I. Leifheit Foundation (GILF), it became evident that this foundation would be interested in investing in applied  stem cell  research. In fact, GILF allocated the amount of 15 million CHF for this purpose, subdivided as follows: 7.5 million CHF to build the Institute and the remaining 7.5 million CHF for the development of the acquired projects.

The development objective was to create a virtuous circle where applied research could generate products and therapies useful for patients.

The vision that was developed during these years is represented in the Figure.